Malignant Mystique: Porocarcinoma in Three Adult Filipinos

  • Juan Paolo David S. Villena
  • Blythe N. Ke
  • Cynthia P. Ciriaco-Tan
Keywords: Porocarcinoma, eccrine porocarcinoma, malignant eccrine poroma


Porocarcinoma is a rare, cutaneous adnexal malignancy usually seen in elderly patients. We present three females with varying lesions located at the head region with a history of a sudden increase in growth. Histologically, all were composed of nests of basaloid cells showing atypia, mitotic figures and eccrine-differentiated ductal elements. One patient underwent excision (0.5 cm margin) and was recurrence-free one-month post-op. This series also brings a brief review of the current literature on porocarcinoma.