Bohn’s Nodule: A Rare Case in a 7-month-old Male Infant

  • Ali Taqwim
  • Sukeksi Dyah Intanningrum
  • Eva Nuryanti
  • Marsha Anindya Abigail Pantouw
  • Tania Saskianti Faculty of Dental Medicine Universitas Airlangga
Keywords: Bohn’s nodule, gingival cyst, inclusion cyst, infant, oral lesion


Bohn’s nodule is a soft white cyst filled with keratin and is often found in a newborn's oral cavity. This case has a high prevalence in newborns and is rarely seen in infants after three months.

In this case, we report our observation and evaluation of a Bohn’s nodule case in a seven-month-old male infant. Clinical diagnosis of the conditions is vital to avoid unnecessary therapeutic procedures and provide timely information for parents to manage the lesion.


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