Histopathologic Review of Calcemic Uremic Arteriolopathy: A Case Series

  • Jay-V James G. Barit
  • Eileen Liesl A. Cubillan
Keywords: Calciphylaxis, Vascular Calcification, Calcemic Uremic Arteriolopathy, Chronic Kidney Failure


Calcemic uremic arteriolopathy or calciphylaxis is an uncommon disorder presenting clinically as skin ischemia and necrosis, and histologically as vascular calcification and thrombosis of dermal and subdermal vasculature. This study described two Filipino females with end-stage renal disease on chronic dialysis with non-healing ulcers on the lower extremities as a result of calcification in the vessels of the dermis and subcutaneous fat with associated fat necrosis. Current understanding of its various histologic features was reviewed for proper diagnosis.


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