Bilateral Mandibular Posterior Edentulous Rehabilitation for Unstable Occlusion Patient with Bilateral Attachment Retained Mandibular Removable Partial Denture

  • Cindy Karina Hartono
  • Nike Hendrijantini
  • Soekobagiono
Keywords: removable partial denture, dental occlusion, prosthodontics, aesthetics


A 62-year-old female patient came to the Dental Hospital of Universitas Airlangga to maintain her remaining teeth and make dentures for the missing teeth, and expressed that she expected a high aesthetic result. The patient had lost bilateral posterior mandibular teeth, resulting in unstable occlusion. To stabilize the occlusion, this patient was treated by temporary denture. After 3 months of follow up and confirmed adaptation with the new occlusion, prosthodontic treatment was done consisting of bilateral attachment retained mandibular removable partial denture, aimed at the patient’s expectation of acquiring good aesthetic results and functional rehabilitation.