Aesthetic Rehabilitation of the Severe Bone Loss on Anterior Region Using Andrew’s Bridge: A Case Report

  • Reni Puspa Daniati
  • Rostiny
  • Nike Hendrijantini
Keywords: Andrew’s Bridgefixed-removable partial dentures, bar attachment


A patient with several missing teeth in the anterior region usually experiences severe hard and soft tissue loss, posing a greater challenge for the prosthodontist to treat. This is a case of a 50-year-old female patient who came to the RSGMP UNAIR department of prosthodontics needing to replace the old denture that felt loose and had a change of color to rehabilitate the loss of large residual ridges involving hard and soft tissue. The patient has lost the central and lateral right maxillary incisors with severe hard and soft tissue defect after cyst removal in the region. The patient considered to restore an anterior region with severe hard and tissue loss. Andrew’s Bridge successfully restores an anterior region with severe hard and soft tissue loss.