Multiple Eruptive Myxoid Dermatofibroma in a Male with Chronic Hepatitis B Infection

  • Francesca Mari P. Sumilang
  • Claudine Y. Silva
  • Eileen Liesl A. Cubillan
  • Georgina C. Pastorfide
Keywords: dermatofibroma, eruptive dermatofibroma, myxoid dermatofibroma, multiple eruptive myxoid dermatofibroma


We report the first published case of multiple eruptive myxoid dermatofibroma (MEMDF) in a male with chronic hepatitis B infection presenting with eruptive lesions showing marked deposits of dermal mucin. Alcian blue and immunohistochemistry confirmed the diagnosis of myxoid dermatofibroma. Further work-up showed asymptomatic chronic hepatitis B infection without cirrhosis.

This case highlights an extremely rare histologic variant and the importance of screening for altered immunity in patients with eruptive dermatofibromas.


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