Message of the Philippine General Hospital Director

  • Gerardo D. Legaspi
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The proverbial "walking while chewing gum" statement has been once again proven by our colleagues in PGH. Being able to publish quality research articles amidst the challenges brought about by the turn of events, is testament to not only the grit that we have developed in its wards but also to the commitment in pursuing new knowledge. Prior to the pandemic, PGH has shown a continuous trend of increasing annual publication. From 8% in 2015, it has steadily  risen to 42%. The investment in focused attention guided by a clear  agenda, extensive funding and protected time for research obviously is paying off handsomely. It is my fervent hope that we will be able to bring our research output to the next level which is health policy formulation based on the knowledge that we have generated.


Gerardo D. Legaspi, MD
Philippine General Hospital