Randomized Controlled Trial on Combined Percutaneous Release and Steroid Injection Versus Percutaneous Release Alone for Trigger Finger in Adults

  • Jerome David J. Sison
  • Tammy L. dela Rosa
Keywords: percutaneous release, tendon entrapment, trigger finger, steroid injections


Introduction. Trigger finger is one of the most common causes of hand pain and disability. Surgical treatment consists of release of the A-1 pulley by open or percutaneous techniques. Many authors have noted that percutaneous release is convenient and cost-effective with a low complication rate. Only few studies have published results on combination of percutaneous release and steroid injection.

Objective. To compare the differences of outcomes in adults with trigger finger treated with combination of percutaneous release and corticosteroid injection to those treated with percutaneous release alone

Methods. We included all patients older than 18 years old in the UP-PGH Department of Orthopedics with a diagnosis of trigger finger who have consented to participate in this study. They were randomized into two treatment groups. One group was treated with percutaneous release only and the other group was treated with combined percutaneous release and corticosteroid injection. Outcomes measured were total active motion (TAM), postoperative pain, time to return-to-work, patient satisfaction, and complications.

Results. Post-procedure, both groups showed significant improvement in motion of the fingers (p = 0.034) and pain relief (p = 0.001). TAM scores of the combination group were better compared to the control at all time intervals (p = 0.03, 0.008, 0.004, 0.019) and better pain VAS scores in the 1st week (p = 0.009). Patients who received the combination treatment showed a trend toward better patient satisfaction, shorter duration of post-release pain and earlier return-to-work.

Conclusion. The addition of corticosteroid injections to percutaneous release of trigger finger significantly improves TAM and pain VAS scores.


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