Limb Deformity Correction Using the Ortho SUV Frame

  • Juanito S. Javier
  • Ruel A. dela Cruz
  • Daniel V. Dungca
Keywords: limb deformity, Ortho SUV, Ilizarov method, six axes external fixator


Background and Objective. Limb deformity in terms of length discrepancy, angular and rotational deformities are amenable to correction using the Ilizarov method. The corrections can be achieved using the Ortho SUV Frame (OSF), a computer assisted six axes external fixator. Previous studies have reported easier and more accurate deformity correction. In this study, we report on our initial experience and treatment outcomes in using this system.

Materials and Methods. This study is a case series of patients where the Ilizarov circular frame was applied and which the deformity correction was carried out using the OSF. Success and accuracy in correction, length of time to correct, number of revisions needed and complications were gathered from a review of medical records.

Results. Thirty limbs in twenty nine cases were included in this report. Seventy seven percent (23/30) of the deformities were due to previous trauma. The rest were due to Blounts, infection and tumor. Correction in eighty seven percent (26/30) were achieved using the turning schedule provided by the Ortho SUV application software. Three cases required surgical removal of soft tissue interposition before further correction using the software was achieved. One case with posterior translation underwent closed manipulation. In the end all planned deformity corrections were achieved. Complications included pin tract swelling and erythema in 13% and all resolved either with oral antibiotics alone or combined with surgical release of pin sites under local anesthesia.

Conclusion. The Ortho SUV is an effective tool to carry out deformity corrections using the Ilizarov method.