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  • Juanito S. Javier


Fifty years ago, the Department of Orthopaedics was founded and became the newest clinical department of the College of Medicine and Philippine General Hospital, University of the Philippines. This year 2021, we celebrate its Golden Anniversary. Even in its infancy, the department has given due emphasis on research as much as its commitment to training and service. It was one of the first if not the first clinical department to hold an Annual Research Forum and even a research unit was organized by its first Chair, Dr. Jose Silao. Much later, a small biomechanical testing unit was put up. Time and again, its staff and trainees have contributed to the continuing studies in Orthopaedics. These include a better understanding of essential surgical anatomy, validation of surgical procedures, new approaches to the treatment of many Orthopaedic pathologies, and innovations in implants and devices. The generation of new knowledge is a mandate for all university colleges and units and the Department of Orthopaedics takes this seriously. It takes pride in being recognized as a university-based training program. It hammers into the consciousness of its staff and trainees the importance of research. It uses research training for its residents as an important tool in inculcating in them the art of critical thinking, a must in our present-day evidence-based medical practice. This Orthopaedic issue of the Acta Medica Philippina is a fitting way of honoring the department’s long research tradition. The ease with which we gathered publishable researches for this issue just shows the vibrancy of research in the department and how much it has grown from its beginning in 1971. The founding fathers of the department will be proud to see that the department takes seriously the challenge to excel in Training, Service, and Research. I heartily congratulate and profusely thank the authors and editorial staff for coming out with this special Orthopaedic Issue of the Acta Medica Philippina.

Juanito S. Javier, MD, MChOrth
Department of Orthopedics
Philippine General Hospital
University of the Philippines Manila


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