Management of Dento-Maxillary Disharmony in Angle Class I Malocclusion with Anterior Crowding, Midline Shifting, and Deep Bite: A Case Report

  • Staclyn Ongelina
  • Ida Bagus Narmada
Keywords: Angle class I malocclusion, dento-maxillary disharmony, orthodontic treatment


Dento-maxillary disharmony is characterized as disproportion between tooth size and dental arch. This case report describes the treatment progress of a patient with dento-maxillary disharmony with Class I malocclusion using fixed orthodontic appliances. The patient is a 19-year-old female who came with chief complaint of crowding and ectopic upper canines. Correction of crowding and deep bite was achieved by fixed appliance with extraction. In Class I malocclusion, severity, etiology, and type of disharmony guide the treatment plan for optimal results