The Prevalence of CYP2D6 Gene Polymorphisms among Filipinos and their use as Biomarkers for Lung Cancer Risk

  • Eva Maria Cutiongco-de la Paz
  • Corazon A. Ngelangel
  • Aileen David-Wang
  • Jose B. Nevado Jr.
  • Catherine Lynn T. Silao
  • Rosalyn Hernandez-Sebastian
  • Richmond B. Ceniza
  • Leander Linus Philip P. Simpao
  • Lakan U. Beratio
  • Eleanor A. Dominguez
  • Albert B. Albay Jr.
  • Rey A. Desales
  • Nelia Tan-Liu
  • Sullian Sy-Naval
  • Roberto M. Montevirgen
  • Catalina de Siena Gonda-Dimayacyac
  • Pedrito Y. Tagayuna
  • Elizabeth A. Nuqui
  • Arnold Joseph M. Fernandez
  • Andrew D. Dimacali
  • Maria Constancia Obrerro-Carrillo
  • Virgilio P. Banez
  • Oliver G. Florendo
  • Ma. Cecilia M. Sison
  • Francisco T. Roxas
  • Alberto B. Roxas
  • Orlino C. Bisquera Jr.
  • Luminardo M. Ramos
  • John A. Coloma
  • Higinio T. Mappala
  • Alex C. Tapia
  • Emmanuel F. Montana Jr.
  • Jonathan M. Asprer
  • Reynaldo O. Joson
  • Sergio P. Paguio
  • Conrado C. Cajucom
  • Richard C. Tia
  • Tristan Chipongian
  • Joselito F. David
  • Florentino C. Doble
  • Maria Noemi G. Pato
  • Hans Francis D. Ferraris
  • Benito B. Bionat Jr.
  • Adonis A. Guancia
  • Eriberto R. Layda
  • Frances Maureen C. Rocamora
  • Roemel Jeusep Bueno
  • Carmencita D. Padilla
Keywords: Filipino, pharmacogenetics, CYP2D6, lung cancer, biomarker, SNP


Objectives. The highly polymorphic nature of the CYP2D6 gene and its central role in the metabolism of commonly used drugs make it an ideal candidate for pharmacogenetic screening. This study aims to determine the prevalence of CYP2D6 polymorphisms among Filipinos and their association to lung cancer.

Method. Forty seven single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of the CYP2D6 gene were genotyped from DNA samples of 115 cases with lung cancer and age- and sex-matched 115 controls.

Results. Results show that 18 out of 47 polymorphisms have significant genotypic variability (>1% for at least 2 genotypes). No variant is associated with lung cancer. However, rs1135840,
rs16947 and rs28360521, were found to be highly variable among Filipinos.

Conclusion. This study demonstrated that CYP2D6 polymorphisms are present among Filipinos, which, although not found to be associated with lung cancer, can be useful biomarkers for future pharmacogenetic studies. The SNP rs16947 is found to be associated with cancer and timolol-induced bradycardia; the SNP rs1135840, on the other hand, is only shown to be linked with cancer. The genetic variant rs28360521 is known to be associated with low-dose aspirin-induced lower gastrointestinal bleeding.


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