Assessment of the Research Capacity of the Centers for Health Development, Philippine Department of Health

  • Maria Carmen C. Tolabing
  • Maylin C. Palatino
Keywords: center for health development, institutional capacity, research assessment, research capacity


Background. In 2012, the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) established the Health Systems Research Management (HSRM). One of the HSRM components is increasing the research capacity of the Centers for Health Development (CHD) which is the regional office of the DOH.

Objective. To determine the research capacity of CHDs and to describe research input, research process, and research output.

Methods. A descriptive cross-sectional study design was employed. The data were collected using self-administered questionnaire with the Regional Director as the CHD respondent. The research capacity level was determined using rating scale measurement. Based on the ratings, each CHD was assigned a score with the corresponding capacity level: excellent (85-100%); good (70-84%); fair (51-69%); poor (<50%).

Results. Fourteen (82%) of the 17 CHDs participated in the study. The institutional capacity level of the CHDs was poor in the areas of research management (43.0%) and in structure/ organization/ monitoring/ evaluation (30.0%), while it was fair in the area of resource mobilization (54.5%). Research input, research process, and research output were found to be lacking.

Conclusion. The capacity level of the CHDs in the various aspects of institutional research ranged from poor to fair. Specific areas under research input, research process, and research output that need improvement were identified which can be used as benchmark for capacity-building activities and as information-base against which the effectiveness of these activities in the CHDs can be evaluated.