Healthcare-associated Expenses Due to Injuries in the Philippines

  • Adovich S. Rivera
  • Hilton Y. Lam
  • Joel U. Macalino
  • Jose D. Quebral
Keywords: healthcare expense, injury, Philippines, trauma


Background. Injuries are common causes of hospital visits and deaths in the Philippines. The national healthcareassociated expenses due to these injuries have not been established.

Objective. To estimate the healthcare-associated expenses due to injuries in the Philippines.

Methods. Review of patient charts and patient interviews were conducted in 21 hospitals in the Philippines. A convenience sample of patients was interviewed to ascertain other direct medical and non-medical expenses.

Results. Median admission costs based on hospital bills were: road injuries: PhP10,192.25, poisoning: PhP4,402.00, burns: PhP6,521.53, animal-related: PhP5,105.92, other accidents: PhP7,545.71 and intentional injuries: PhP8,023.00. Based on survey, other expenses not stated in hospital bills include medical supplies (PhP4,000.00), diagnostic tests (PhP 2,000.00), and post-discharge expenses (PhP 1,000.00).

Conclusion. Expenses due to injuries varied according to cause. Admission expenses recorded in the bill were not the only healthcare-related expenses shouldered by the patient and accounted for 68.6-159.0% of the bill value.


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