Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior of Teenagers Regarding Sex in the Community of Los Baños, Laguna

  • Maria Eleanor L. Candelaria
  • Maricar B. Rodriguez
  • Robbie Jun B. Reyes
  • Leah Rebecah R. Clemente-Co
  • Reymund D. Tatel
Keywords: teenage pregnancy, public health, community engagement, sexual knowledge, sexual attitude, sexual behavior


Background. The steady rise in the number of teenage pregnancies in Los Baños, Laguna was identified as a public health concern that needs to be addressed immediately given the numerous complications to the teenage mother and her infant.

Methods. The study used a multicomponent strategy which included 1) a survey of Grades 7-12 students, 2) training of midwives, and 3) advocacy for parents to enhance existing projects on teenage pregnancy.

Results. The survey showed that students value the opinion of friends of the same gender but prefer to get information from a health professional.

Conclusion. The students did not see their parents as a preferred source of information for sexual health. Approximately one-third of the respondents mistakingly believed that teenagers will never get pregnant during their first sexual encounter. Recommendations include training teachers to provide professional advice, inclusion of more schools for the survey, further training on other counselling techniques, and extension of advocacy to other pertinent sectors of the community.


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