Corona Mortis: the Abnormal Obturator Vessels in Filipino Cadavers

  • Imelda A. Luna
Keywords: obturator vessels, abnormal, corona mortis


Objectives. This is a descriptive study to determine the origin of abnormal obturator arteries, the drainage of abnormal obturator veins, and if any anastomoses exist between these abnormal vessels in Filipino cadavers.

Methods. A total of 54 cadaver halves, 50 dissected by UP medical students and 4 by UP Dentistry students were included in this survey.

Results. Results showed the abnormal obturator arteries arising from the inferior epigastric arteries in 7 halves (12.96%) and the abnormal communicating veins draining into the inferior epigastric or external iliac veins in 16 (29.62%). There were also arterial anastomoses in 5 (9.25%) with the inferior epigastric artery, and venous anastomoses in 16 (29.62%) with the inferior epigastric or external iliac veins. Bilateral abnormalities were noted in a total 6 cadavers, 3 with both arterial and venous, and the remaining 3 with only venous anastomoses.

Conclusion. It is important to be aware of the presence of these abnormalities that if found during surgery, must first be ligated to avoid intraoperative bleeding complications.