Acceptability and Effectivity of Four Feminine Wash Products in Maintaining the Physiologic Vaginal pH of Reproductive and Menopausal Age Women

  • Jennifer T. Co
  • Joanne Carla C. Bugayong
  • Glenn C. Monge
Keywords: feminine hygiene products, genitalia, female, hydrogen-ion concentration, menopause, vagina/microbiology


Objective. To determine whether four (4) feminine hygiene wash products maintain normal vaginal pH and are acceptable among reproductive and menopausal age women.

Methods. A randomized, double blind, three-period, three-way crossover trial on 90 reproductive age women and 30 menopausal women measuring external and internal vaginal pH levels and product acceptability after using different feminine wash for 3 weeks.

Results. There were significant differences in mean change in internal vaginal pH values among the three feminine wash products (p=0.0392) in the reproductive age group. Majority of the subjects expressed ‘extreme satisfaction’ on the different features of the products. In the menopausal age group, there was a statistically significant difference in mean pH change in the external genitalia (p=0.0279). Feminine Wash 4 appeared to be most acceptable.

Conclusion. Using feminine wash may help maintain vaginal pH levels within the physiologic range thus prevents vaginal infections. Good acceptability of use among the subjects implies good compliance and therefore, a practice that can be adopted on a long-term basis as part of a woman’s good hygienic practice.