Disability Weight Determination for Road Traffic Injuries in the Philippines: Metro Manila Scenario

  • Noel R. Juban
  • Hilton Y. Lam
  • Ruzanne M. Caro
  • Jorge M. Concepcion
  • Tammy L. Dela Rosa
  • A’Ericson Berberabe
  • Karen June P. Dumlao
Keywords: DALY, quality of life, road traffic injury, years of life lost, years lost to disability, Delphi method


Objective. To determine the Disability Adjusted Life Year (DALY) weights of road traffic injuries and use the DALY weights in determining the total DALYs lost in Metro Manila using available data.

Methods. Consensus on DALY weights for each of the 31 International Classification of Diseases (ICD)10 codes related to road traffic injuries was done using Delphi Process. Experts from different fields were invited to participate in 2 rounds of discussion-and-scoring were done to obtain consensus were obtained for each DALY weight. Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC) data on the counts of the 31 ICD 10 coded claims for the years 2011, 2012, and 2013 were obtained and used to calculate the total DALY lost due to vehicular injuries for Metro-Manila.

Results. Road traffic related injuries affected mostly young people (mean 34 yo + 15) and affected mostly men (81%). There were a total of 3,199 injuries seen in 2,573 patients. 98.1% of the patients had a < 1 year type of injury with an average disability weight of 0.34154 and a total DALYs lost of 300.4. 0.5% of the patients had a ≥ 1 year type of injury with an average disability weight of 0.2726 and a total DALYs lost of of the patients most likely died from their injuries earning a total DALYs lost of 1,440.The sum of DALYs lost is equivalent to a total of 1,958.12.

Conclusion. The Metro Manila loses roughly Php 76.6 Million per year due to road traffic injuries and accidents. These events are highly preventable. Without proper interventions, road traffic injuries may lead to impoverishment of the young families who pick up the pieces, or are left behind.


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