Functional Outcome of Surgically-Managed Pelvic Ring Fractures and Acetabular Fractures by Internal Fixation in a Tertiary Hospital in the Philippines 2014–2019

  • Charmaine BC Badilles Chong Hua Hospital
  • Dilbert A. Monicit
Keywords: fracture fixation, internal fixation, functional outcome, morbidity, pelvic bones


Objective. To evaluate morbidity and functional outcome of surgically treated pelvic fractures and acetabular fractures in our institution.

Methods. A chart review was done to identify subjects with pelvic and acetabular injuries treated with open reduction and internal fixation from 2014–2019. We collected data for blood loss, time of surgery, post-surgical intervention, and the Majeed score functional outcome score.

Results. We included 11 patients (8 males, 3 females; mean age 38 years) with range of follow up of 1 to 6 years. We performed a functional assessment using the Majeed functional outcome score. The mean score was 81 ± 18 points (range, 53 to 100). Excellent clinical results were seen in 63% of cases (100% of pelvic fractures and 50% of acetabular fractures).

Conclusion. There was excellent functional outcome of patients treated with internal fixation.


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