The Chest CT Finding of Pleural Plaques and Asbestosis in Lung Cancer Patients: A Case Study

  • Aziza Ghanie Icksan Mrs
  • Anna Suraya
  • Nurul Hanifah
  • Elisna Syahruddin
  • Astrid Sulistomo
Keywords: lung cancer, asbestos, construction worker, chest CT


A sixty-eight years old man was referred to the hospital for evaluation of lung adenocarcinoma treatment. Chest computed tomography (CT) imaging showed lung nodule, pleural plaques, ground-glass opacity, and parenchymal bands related to asbestosis. Pleural plaques are the proxy of asbestos exposure, and asbestosis is lung parenchymal fibrosis caused by asbestos. The interview revealed that the patient had worked as an owner of a construction firm for more than 37 years. Construction workers are at high risk of getting asbestos-related diseases because some building materials have asbestos.

This case study aimed to describe chest CT findings of asbestosis and pleural plaques that suggest the presence of asbestos exposure in a lung cancer case. This case showed the pivotal role of chest CT to define asbestos-related lung diseases and a structured interview to obtain past asbestos exposure.