Cost of Medications, Preference and Willingness-to-Pay for Pain Relief among Adult Patients Diagnosed with Acute and Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain Conditions

  • AM Karoline V. Gabuyo
  • Shiela Marie S. Lavina
Keywords: willingness to pay, cost of medication, pain relief, musculoskeletal pain


Objective. To determine the current cost, medication preferences, willingness to pay for symptom relief and reduced
adverse events of adult patients with acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Methods. This was a cross-sectional study among adult Filipinos consulted for musculoskeletal conditions at Family
Medicine Clinic. Data were collected through a questionnaire and a systematic sampling of respondents.

Results. The study had a total of 342 participants with degenerative osteoarthritis as the most common primary
diagnosis. Twenty percent (N=69/342) were acutely symptomatic while 273/342 (80%) have chronic musculoskeletal
pain. Most would prefer medicines at a lower price point, effectively reduces pain, fast onset of action, longer
therapeutic effects and less adverse effects. Willingness-to-pay was at an average price of Php 86.11 (SD±15.47)
per pill for complete symptom relief.

Conclusion. Adult Filipinos with musculoskeletal pain symptoms prefer pain medicines with good symptom control,
less adverse event and were willing to pay for complete symptom relief at an average of eighty-six pesos per pill.