Descriptive Analysis of the Department of Health-Medical Assistance Program Utilization at the University of the PhilippinesPhilippine General Hospital from January to June 2018

  • Christopher G. Manalo
  • Scarlett Mia S. Tabuñar
Keywords: health expenditure, healthcare financing, medical assistance


Objective. The objectives of this paper were to describe and analyze the utilization of the Department of Health Medical Assistance Program (DOH-MAP) at the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH) in order to provide actual data on its implementation and to give recommendations on future enforcement.

Methods. Clinical and fiscal records of DOH-MAP recipients were prospectively tracked and analyzed from January to June 2018.

Results. A total of Php 20,875,291.98 was utilized in the program from January to June 2018. The departments of Medicine (29.68%), Surgery (26.25%), and Neurosciences (15.99%) were identified as the clinical departments with the highest allocation of assistance fund. The pharmacy (64.28%), laboratory (12.87%), and outsourced medical equipment and services from EQUILIFE (10.26%) were determined to be the cost centers with the highest allotment.

Conclusion. The clinical departments and cost centers with high funding utilization identified in this study are recommended to be given appropriate increase in budget allocation, equipment procurement, maintenance and enhancement, and service improvement in order to provide a comprehensive health service delivery for patients of UP-PGH.