Fishing Methods and Occupational Safety Practices of Fishermen in a Coastal Municipality of Central Luzon

  • Kristine C. Alvina University of the Philippines Manila
  • Rafael R. Clemente
  • Mark Cedric M. Fabian
  • Lynnell Alexie D. Ong
  • Tricia Mhey R. Rivas
  • Paul Adrian V. Pinlac
Keywords: fishing, occupational health and safety, fishing practices, Philippines


Objective. This study aims to explore the fishing methods and occupational safety practices of fisherfolk in a coastal municipality in Central Luzon.

Methods. Key informant interviews were conducted with leaders of fishing organizations and the Municipal Agricultural Officer using a semi-structured interview guide.

Results. Fisherfolk in the selected municipality adopted a variety of fishing practices, equipment, and methods suitablefor each individual or group of fisherfolk. Safety practices were either self-learned from observation of elders andfamily members or arose from a trial-and-error basis, with an emphasis on precautionary measures to avoid injury.

Conclusion. Fishing practices highly varies, the most prominent of which is using numerous equipment for catching fish and other marine products by hand. Occupational safety practices are mainly focused on the avoidance of hazards.