Repositioning of Overerupted Upper Molar for Facilitating Lower Implant Placement with Miniscrews

  • Shafira Kurnia
  • Samuel Rehuel Santoso
  • Widyawati Sutedjo
  • Chiquita Prahasanti Prahasanti
Keywords: overerupted molar, intrusion, miniscrew


Loss of the mandibular first molar often leads to the overeruption of the opposing maxillary first molar, resulting in inadequate interocclusal space. In this report, two miniscrews were placed into the buccal and palatal region of the upper first molar to correct the overerupted teeth using power chains. Progress of treatment was evaluated every two weeks for five months. The clinical results showed significant intrusion while maintaining periodontal health, tooth vitality, and root length.